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Hello, and welcome to my web site! I am at heart a software engineer. After a long work experience at Apple, and in various start-ups, I now offer technical consulting services, mainly as CTO-on demand.
I particularly appreciate to deal with situations where a team needs to go through a particularly complex technical problem, as well as those where it needs to go through a new evolution phase. I am physically based in Paris, but with planes and train, many places are not so far…

I am available for

CTO On-demand

In this role, I act in 3 ways. On a team organization level, I help making the development process of a company evolve, and provide coaching especially at potentially stressful release times. On the technical side, I provide architecture consulting, especially for the creation of full-stack platform. Additionally, I do not hesitate to go with hands-on developpement and debugging, particularly when technical creativity is required (Specialty in AWS cloud, Python and Django, AngularJS, data visualization with D3.j, mobile iOS).

Audits & Due Diligences

Having looked through many line of codes of elaborated project, having lead due diligence processes, as well as being in the situation of being audited, I also provide those type of services. For companies, start-ups and others, I help preparing for a due diligence process, ensuring that a company intellectual property is properly presented. When no conflict of interest is present, I can also sit on the investor's side.

Talks & Courses

I do regular conferences, going over all topics related to what it implies to develop a technical product in 2015 : how to build a team, what practices can make a technical team efficient, as well as deeper technical topic on full-stack architecture, mobile development and cloud computing. I provide also individual coaching.

Some of my recent work


Boxcar is a push notification iOS application, showcasing the power of the Boxcar Push platform. I contributed to the initial design of the application architecture, and then focused on the backend, and interaction with the server API.

Petit Bambou

Petit Bambou is a meditation platform. I designed the architecture of the complete iOS client application, and contributed to some elements of API design. Although very simple, the app is a perfect showcase of all the features that can go in a mobile backend : registration mechanisms, offline usage, media download…

Social Dynamite

Social Dynamite is an SaaS solution that helps boosting content through social network. I worked on the improvement of the development process, introducing the use of Docker to have the most user independant development environment.


Zenly is an LBS application to locate your friend in realtime. As a CTO on demand, I did contribute on many fronts: improvement of the development process within the company, contribution to the API, team coaching, and last but not least, well as hands-on development on the iOS application.


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